Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The WhyNOTaVPS affiliate program allows you to earn credit to use against your future hosting bills.
For every person you refer to use we give you an account credit of $1 EVERY month with a 30 day delay. We just put in this delay to make sure orders are legitimate and that the system isn't abused.

Heres an example, you have a VPS at $5 a month. You refer your friend Mark to us and once he has been a customer with us for 30 days we give you a $1 credit for every month he stays. This means your next bill will be $4 owed and $1 already paid via credit. The more people you refer the more credit you build up.

If you referred 5 people you would get free hosting, if you refer more people you will be making easy money!<

Please note we do impose some simple terms on this program;
* Don't spam. If you spam your affiliate link we will remove it
* You need to have a paid VPS to make use of the Affiliate Credit
* You need a minimum of $25 for a cash out

Payments earned will be used against bills from WhyNOTaVPS. If you cancel your account we won't pay you a cash lump sum for your credit.


To signup login to and click "Affiliates". You can then activate your affiliate account. Or press the folowing button if you are already logged in press here.